About Kautilya

India is at an inflection point. Since independence, we’ve put in the hard yards. We’ve established the world’s largest democracy. We’ve created global businesses. We’ve bred visionaries who’ve shaped economies, ideologies, and institutions. We’ve established a soft power that makes the world look at us with admiration. And with 90% of our population being under 60 years of age, we’re entering a phase of rapid economic growth.


If there’s one word that well and truly defines India today, it is ‘potential’.


Yet, the fact remains that development has not been sustainable and inclusive. Several sections of society do not have access to basic human rights. Development is often haphazard and short-sighted. Ignoring issues such as these puts at risk the potential upside of India’s demographic dividend.

Building a new India will require passion, long-term commitment and, most importantly, a pool of public policy professionals formally trained in evidence-based policy making, implementation and leadership – which is precisely what we, at Kautilya School of Public Policy, aim to do.


Kautilya’s vision (“Working to rebalance the role of Society, Government & Business for a more equitable and sustainable future.”) and mission (“Empowering leaders to address 21st century issues through rigorous public policy education.”) encapsulate our focus on imparting education that is relevant, contemporary, and practical. We offer passionate young minds a robust training ground that nurtures grassroots aspirations with a rigorous academic program. We have brought on board some of the world’s leading academic experts and policy practitioners to prepare students for a transformed path in nation-building, by inculcating diverse skills necessary for a successful career in public life.

Founding Team

M. Sri Bharat

President of GITAM

Prateek Kanwal

Co-Founder, Kautilya School of Public Policy


Syed Akbaruddin

Retired IFS officer,
Fmr. Permanent Rep. of India to the UN

Email: dean@kautilya.org.in


Advisory Board

Rathin Roy

Managing Director, Research and Policy, ODI

Steve Jarding

Former Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Dilip Cherian

Political Campaign Advisor Communications Consultant

Ram Mohan Naidu

Member of Parliament, 17th Lok Sabha

Priyanka Chaturvedi

Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Anil Swarup

Author, Retired IAS Officer

M. V. Rajeev Gowda

Former Member of Parliament; Chairman, Congress Research Department


Moshik Temkin

Fellow at The Belfer Center for Science and Intl. Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School


Dr. Menaka Guruswamy

Senior Advocate,
Supreme Court of India

Our Team

Ajesh Panicker

Operations Manager

Arushi Jha Thakur

Academic Associate

Aryaman Chatterjee

Academic Associate

Hitesh Kakkar

Director – Admissions & New Initiatives

Neelam Mehra

Deputy Director, Career Fulfillment

Neha Rathore

Administrative Assistant

Pritish Anand

Academic Associate

Priyanka Roy

General Manager – Admissions and Outreach

Rashad Khan

Academic Associate

Rituja Ghosh

Academic Associate

Shivangi Sharma

Program Manager

Shreya Maheshwari

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Sreshtha Majumdar

Academic Associate

Vishnu Menon

Admission Advisor

Technical Support

Aluri Chakradhar Sarma

Sr. Videographer

Niranjay Kumar Pandey

Sr. Technical PCR

Vemali. V. Seshagiri Rao

Asst. Manager PCR

Support Staff

P. Lalitha

N. Venkata Raman

Build a career
in public policy

Our program’s combination of academic rigour and on-ground experiences will give you the confidence to assume leadership in any career of your choice. Some of the popular avenues you can choose after your Master of Public Policy (MPP) include:

Private Sector
This includes business consultants, policy consultants of large corporations, policy analysts, think tanks and private policy implementation organisations. Courses on financial reporting, management, cyber security, etc. focus on these streams.

Public Service
This includes policy making and implementation, government roles and political candidates, who can leverage subjects like politics, public policy design and analysis, ethics, constitution and law, political campaign management, etc.

International and Foreign Affairs
This spans a variety of domains ranging from positions within the Government of India and international organizations like World Bank and United Nations, to positions within international NGOs like ICLEI, ITF and WWF. Students will need to grasp the value and potential of diplomacy within the framework of foreign policy towards creating collaborative and cooperative ties focused on common goals and objectives.

Non-profit or Social Enterprise
The Master of Public Policy (MPP) helps build capacity in entrepreneurship with focus on different sectors within social development. Subjects such as gender, strategy, organization behaviour, energy and climate change, negotiation, corruption, etc. help build all-round skills to drive greater impact in this sector.

Media & Communications
Aspiring media, journalism and communications professionals who focus on public sector topics can leverage subjects like communication for leaders, macroeconomics, global trade and policy, data visualisation, business government and society.

Research & Academia
This includes individuals who want to teach, pursue research, and push policy thinking in India and globally and can leverage courses on research methodologies, quantitative analysis and macroeconomics.

Kautilya’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) is designed for those looking to rebalance the role of Society, Government & Business towards an equitable world.