Is The University Recognized / Approved By UGC?

The Kautilya School of Public Policy comes under the tutelage of GITAM (Deemed To Be University). GITAM carries a 40 years of legacy, and is recognized by UGC under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956, Govt. of India, and is graded A++ by NAAC.

Is MPP a degree program in the Public Policy domain?

Yes. the student will get a Master’s degree after completing the 2-year program. Kautilya is a part of GITAM (Deemed to be University). GITAM is recognized as a Category 1 University by the UGC.

Why Should You Study at Kautilya?

  • Access to top minds – public policy leaders & the best international faculty
  • Experienced founding team comprising Stanford, Harvard & IIM alumni
  • World-class infrastructure at par with Ivy League Schools to enrich learning experience and campus life
  • Program curriculum and structure geared for academic depth as well as practical application
  • Quality engagement with Society, Government, and Business on furthering evidence-based policy-making and inclusive growth
  • Scholarships and Placement Assistance

What Type Of Facilities & Infrastructure Available At The Campus?

CLICK HERE TO WATCH how impressively Kautilya’s campus is designed to provide a unique experience for students as they embark on their learning journey. Seated on 100 acres of green landscape, the campus is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions.

Learning @ Kautilya is always powerful under best-in-class infrastructure with horse-shoe and gallery-styled classrooms equipped with AV systems, projectors, teleprompters, Wi-Fi hotspots, hi-tech gadgets, and two state-of-the-art auditoriums with upgraded infra, and a breathtaking view. IT labs have dedicated computers for every student and access to E-Library and Journals. The expansive library harbours over 90,000 books and print journals.

Stay @ Kautilya offers fully air-conditioned furnished ensuite twin-sharing and individual rooms with high-speed internet while providing a secure personal space.

Food @ Kautilya dishes out specially-curated meal plans every day, with a particular focus on nutritional intake and diverse cuisines. Our team of expat chefs with experience at premium hotels and cruise liners globally specializes in over a dozen international cuisines. We cook with fresh produce, and our chefs follow the farm-to-table concept to make every meal a delightful experience.

Amenities @ Kautilya have an in-house gymnasium, yoga centre, lobbies, and lounges with gaming tables and vending machines. Professional housekeeping and facility managers are available on call, as is a dedicated laundry service on each floor. All rooms have biometric and numeric locks to ensure safety, along with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance.

Security @ Kautilya is active 24/7. Front desk operations, community assistants, caretakers, and resident managers can help students with emergencies.

Does Kautilya have Academic, and Corporate Partnerships?

Yes, as a leading & one of the best public policy institutions, we have crafted exceptional understanding with partner individuals, universities/colleges and corporations to ensure each of our students gets the best financial and academic benefits to acquire new-age skills in the public policy domain.

Who can apply to study at Kautilya?

Whether you’re in the final year of your undergraduate degree or a working professional (with a bachelor’s degree from any professional background), you’re welcome to apply. Work experience is a bonus but not mandatory.

Of Course, you need to be ambitious, driven, focused and committed to playing a role in Public Policy while also willing to grow personally and advance professionally through this experience; public policy is your access to all the change you want to bring about.

Is it mandatory to live on campus during program duration?

Yes, the programs offered at Kautilya are residential in nature and the program rigor will require the students to stay on campus.

Is There Any Entrance Exam Or Interview for admission?

There is no entrance exam for admission. However, each applicant has to clear the application screening and Personal Interview round to be eligible to secure admission to Kautilya.

What Is The Admission Procedure And Contact Details?

CLICK HERE to fill out the enquiry Form, check your inbox to validate your email ID, pay INR 1000/- (online) as the application fee, attach relevant documents, submit the application form, and appear PI. If shortlisted, a Provisional Admission Letter (PAL) will be released to the applicant. Now, sign the acceptance letter, deposit the seat booking amount, check the eligibility & apply for a scholarship. If selected for a scholarship, you receive the scholarship letter with the adjusted program fee and then deposit the adjusted full 1st-semester fee to complete the registration process.

Contact Details:

What are the guidelines for writing an effective SOP (Statement of Purpose) for application?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is pivotal in the Kautilya School of Public Policy application process. It is your canvas to paint a portrait of your experiences, aspirations, and why you’ve chosen Kautilya.

  • The SOP gauges your passion for public policy, communication skills, authenticity, and writing prowess.
  • Begin with a concise self-description, including your name, age, and pertinent personal details.
  • Highlight unique aspects of your background that have molded your passion for public policy.
  • Provide an overview of your skills, academic journey, and professional history, focusing on experiences that have prepared you for public policy.
  • Discuss relevant coursework, internships, jobs, or volunteer work, specifying achievements and their impact.
  • Share your vision for a future in public policy, explaining your motivation and how you intend to contribute positively to society.
  • Be ambitious yet realistic, demonstrating passion and commitment. Discuss your broader aspirations within public policy, emphasizing specific areas, issues, or policy domains that captivate you. Explain why these matter and how you aim to effect change, showcasing awareness of current challenges and opportunities.
  • Highlight personal experiences that have ignited your interest.
  • Conclude by detailing why Kautilya beckons you. Mention program specifics, faculty, or resources aligning with your goals. Emphasize how Kautilya will facilitate your vision and impact on public policy.
  • Maintain clear, concise language throughout, proofreading for grammar and spelling. Ensure authenticity in narrating your motivations and experiences. Avoid clichés, and focus on facts and figures for uniqueness to stand out.
  • In summary, your SOP is essential for the Kautilya School of Public Policy application. Leverage it to present a compelling case, demonstrating your passion, experiences, and alignment with Kautilya’s values. Best of luck with your application!

What are the ``parameters of SOP (statement of Purpose) evaluation?

The SOP evaluation parameters are:

  • Self Description.
  • Reasons to join Kautilya.
  • Authenticity & Written Communication.
  • Future Aspirations.

What is the role of the Scholarship Committee in financial aid evaluation?

The Scholarship Committee (SC) at Kautilya School of Public Policy plays a crucial role in the selection and distribution of scholarships. The committee consists of senior leadership members responsible for evaluating scholarship applications, reviewing, and making recommendations for the final award of scholarships.

What is the scholarship evaluation criteria for admission in MPP?

At Kautilya School of Public Policy, the Scholarships would be provided to students based on merit cum means evaluation. The scoring parameters include the applicant’s academic performance (10th onwards), work experience, Notable extraordinary achievement, inclusivity (Gender, Physical disability, Caste, and religious diversity), Statement of Purpose (SOP), Interview performance, and proven financial status.

What are the available scholarship slabs?

The Scholarships are available on tuition fee only and are slabbed as 33%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%, and No scholarship. “The scholarships are not available on hostel accommodation and food charges.


The room and food charges may be subject to increase based on market rates and management decisions for the second year.

What are the required documents to apply for the scholarship


  • Duly updated Curriculum Vitae of self (CV).
  • Duly submitted Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Latest Self ITR, as proof of annual income. (If working).


For family annual income proof, latest ITRs of self, spouse, and the both parent, referring to the below mention points from 01 to 05.

  1. If applicant is working & single,  self ITR is must along with parents ITR.
  2. If applicant is working, married and has working spouse, Spouse’s ITR is must a long with self ITR and Parents ITR.
  3. If applicant has non-working spouse, an affirmation email is a must from applicant declaring spouse has no income along with Self and parents ITR, but still Spouse’s ITR with zero income declaration is preferred.
  4. If applicant is not working & single,  Parents ITR is must.
  5. If applicant has non-working father/mother, an affirmation email is a must from applicant parent declaring that non working mother/father has no income, but still non-working parent ITR with zero income declaration is preferred.

Is There Any Requirement Of Affidavit In Case Of Break (GAP) In Studies?

Yes, we do require an affidavit mentioning the reason for the gap in studies online in your application form

What Is The Eligibility Requirement For Scholarships?

At Kautilya, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by the applicant in various fields of life. There is a separate eligibility for availing scholarships in programs offered at KSPP. We grant scholarships on the basis of merit cum means,

Does Kautilya Provide an Education Loan Facility To Its Students?

Kautilya has tie-ups with various leading banks. We help our students in speedy processing of their loan applications across the country, by providing the required documents as requested by the bank of your choice.

Can I Pay The Fees In Instalments?

Yes, each student can pay the annual fee in 02 EMIs i.e. semester wise. But, the seat booking fee of INR 1,00,000/- has to be paid in full at the time of joining.

Is the Application fee, admission fee and hostel fee Refundable?

The application fee & hostel fee are non-refundable. The Refund of aggregate tuition Fees deposited by candidates shall be done strictly as per the UGC Notification of 2018.

Does Kaultiya Provide Transport Facility Within The City And From Nearby Districts?

Yes, the buses cover the maximum geography of Hyderabad. For route plans please contact the Operations office in KSPP Campus.

Does Kautilya Support Students In Training And Placements?

Yes, we have a dedicated “Career Fulfilment Center”, “Entrepreneurship Cell” at Kautilya and several “Centers Of Excellence” at GITAM (Deemed To Be University) to help each of our students carve a successful career in the public policy domain. Apart from being offered lucrative packages, the students are also given to work with well-known and reputed multinational companies (MNCs) being invited by the Career Fulfilment Centre on the campus at regular intervals, where the students are aided to go through the entire selection process.

Does Kautilya have active Student Clubs & conduct extracurricular activities?

Yes, there are numerous Student Clubs (KSCs) made to foster the interests in physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

Does Kautilya support sports culture and have ample sports infrastructure On campus?

Kautilya & GITAM are recognized equally for their superb sporting infrastructure as it is for its excellence in education and research. There are fully equipped Gymnasium & wellness center, football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and a multipurpose playground used to host cricket and athletic tournaments.

What is the course structure of the Master's Program in Public Policy (MPP) at Kautilya?

The Master’s Program in Public Policy (MPP) consists of 6 terms of 3 months each with 24 courses at a minimum, an internship, a capstone project, and 10 skill shops.

What career progressions can we expect post-completion of a course in public policy?

Career opportunities in public policy have grown by leaps and bounds in India. Please refer to the ‘About’ section of this website for a detailed perspective.

What kind of industry immersion does Kautilya provide?

The Master’s Program In Public Policy (MPP) consists of an internship, a capstone project, and 10 skill shops.

Is a letter of recommendation mandatory, and who can recommend me?

Yes, two letters of recommendation are mandatory for application to Kautilya. Your professor or employer can be your recommender.

Does Kautilya have a deferral policy on admissions?

Deferrals are allowed till the end of June 2024.

Required Documents For International Student Admission?

The essential documents that you need to upload in the application form as per the admission process and that are needed to finalize your admission are a Valid Passport, Valid Student VISA, and Sponsored Letter (if not self-financing) to demonstrate that you have adequate financial resources to enroll in your program, qualifying exam mark sheets and certificates/ degrees, updated mailing address proof, and inform us about any dependent family members who may be coming with you to at campus.

Financial Certification For International Students

To comply with Indian Laws, the Kautilya requires all international students to provide evidence of adequate financial resources. These resources must be sufficient to cover the costs of attendance, including living expenses, for the minimum expected duration of your program. You will be asked to upload financial documents with your Admission application and/or later.

Visas: For International Students

India has several requirements for obtaining a student visa; however, they do not require proof of insurance for a student visa. International students should still purchase health insurance, however, to protect them in case something happens. India requires visas for the nationals of most countries, with the exceptions of Bhutan, Maldives, and Nepal. Requirements specific to student visas are listed below, and there are no India visa insurance requirements, although purchasing insurance is strongly recommended by Kautilya.

International students studying in India receive a multiple-entry visa for the study period. Students admitted to study in an Indian institution must provide a letter from their host institution (in this case, from KSPP) to secure a student visa. If your accompanying person is applying for a tourist visa, it is essential to note that the length of the visa starts from the day it is issued, not from the date of entry to India. For students not yet accepted to a school in India, a three-month provisional visa is available. In this case, a letter from the host institution confirming that the student has applied is necessary to obtain a provisional visa.

It is important to note that Indian visas must be obtained before arrival in the country. Airlines will not let you check in without displaying one.

Visa Requirements


In addition to the fees discussed above, your passport must be valid for at least six more months and contain at least two blank pages, including a visa page. Additionally, you need to submit:

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Completed visa application form
  • Letter from your host institution indicating that you have been admitted (or, in the case of the provisional visa, that you have applied)
  • Proof of financial support to cover your tuition and stay in India.