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Capstone Project - Master's Program in Public Policy (MPP), Kautilya School of Public Policy, Best MPP Program

Capstone Project

Income Support for Landless Farmers

    • Harsha Kavi – Knowledge Manager, National Institute of Urban Management (NIUM)- Hyderabad

Harsha Kavi holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering...

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Mainstreaming Climate Budgeting in the State of Telangana

    • Rawson Gonsalves – MPP Class of 2023, Deputy Head, India Programme, Climate Bonds Initiative

The paper endeavors to explore the notion of climate budgeting as a policy...

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Impact Analysis of a School-based LGBTQIA+ Gender Sensitization Program in India

    • Anjali Sreeram – MPP CLass of 2023; Associate Program Manager, Global Trade Observer

In India, the LGBTQIA+ community has predominantly been opposed by society...

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An Exploratory study of caste-based DEI Policy in India

    • Shankar Mepparambath – MPP CLass of 2023; Mentor In Research and Training, CARES

The study explores and examines Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness (DEI) in...

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Corporate Sustainability Architecture: A Case-Study for Tata Steel

    • Mayank Gupta – Masters Program in Public Policy; Class of 2023

Businesses have a wide range of impact on the external environment at the same time...

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Powering Progress: Assessment of India’s EV Charging Infrastructure Policy Landscape

    • Snigdha – Student

Electric Vehicles are a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels-based vehicles...

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