Let’s Talk

Children are our Future:
A post-pandemic view of educational
opportunities and challenges in India

September 27, Wednesday
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM(Via Zoom)

From the classroom to the digital screen and back

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed deep fault lines in India’s education system and infrastructure. Millions of children were forced to drop out of the schooling system due to the unprecedented shock to the household economy and migratory challenges. However, the government has since introduced a series of reforms aimed at expanding the reach of the education system and helping reorient the children who slipped through the cracks during the lockdown.

Tune into an expert discussion on the way ahead for India’s education system: Explore the challenges impeding the smooth implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) and the opportunities India can exploit to scale the growth of digital education.


  • What’s the status of NEP implementation on the ground?
  • What are the macroeconomic and social impacts of children leaving the education system?
  • Are OTT platforms, digital channels, and mobile-based classrooms keeping up with physical classrooms?
  • What are the factors that impede drop-outs from restarting their education?
  • Which policy interventions can strengthen the education system from systemic shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How effective are Edu-tech platforms in bridging the gap with a public-private solution?


  • School teachers, principals, and administrators
  • Graduate students or those in the final year of their program
  • UPSC aspirants
  • Aspirants of state-level teachers’ posts
  • Administrators of coaching institutes/centers
  • University faculty members
  • HR professionals
  • Edu-tech executives