Master’s in
Public Policy:
Empowering the future leaders of India

Hear from our advisors and faculty from Harvard & Stanford

May 04, 2021 | 7 PM – 8 PM


The world’s best faculty in Public Policy came together to talk about how a Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) will empower the future leaders of India – and why they trust Kautilya to be a catalyst for that future.

Prof. Glenn Kramon

Lecturer in Management,
Stanford School of Business;
Columnist at New York Times

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Prof. Steve Jarding

International educator, lecturer, writer,
and political consultant; Former Prof.,
Harvard Kennedy School

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Prof. Moshik Temkin

Fellow at The Belfer Center for
Science and International Affairs,
Harvard Kennedy School

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The event was moderated by Prateek Kanwal, Co-Founder of Kautilya School of Public Policy, and Harvard Kennedy School Alumnus.

Did you know?

  • Several factors are giving a boost to the demand for trained professionals in Public Policy:
    • Higher citizen activism and demand for transparency in governance
    • Focus on data-driven decision-making by Government, corporates & social sector
    • Launch of Government initiatives and schemes that need professional management
    • Government mandate to companies to spend a certain sum on CSR – which need to be professionally assessed, managed and evaluated
  • As traditional careers reach saturation point, careers like Public Policy offer significantly better career prospects in the immediate- to long-term
  • 1000s of Public Policy jobs in India are currently lying vacant, for want of trained professionals
  • Public Policy professionals can choose from a wide range of careers in Government, corporates, social sector, politics, and media, journalism and communications


The panellists shared their views and experience on a range of topics:

  • Master’s in Public Policy degree – scope, career prospects & offerings
  • Master’s in Public Policy at Kautilya – our vision, unique value proposition, and what students can
    look forward to


  • Final year undergraduate students and working professionals looking to pursue a post-graduate course
  • Young Indians, passionate about bringing about positive change and building India
  • Those keen to build a career in foreign affairs, public sector, public policy and administration, social sector, media, journalism and communications, politics, and other related fields
  • Academicians, researchers, journalists & professionals working in or following the fields mentioned above


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