MPP Degree:
The next step to build an impactful career

Public Policy professionals will be leading India’s transformation in the next decade.
How can you find your place in this journey?

July 7, 2021


About the event

Hear from Kautilya Co-Founder, and MPP from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School, Prateek Kanwal, at our exclusive, interactive info session.

Prateek will share his views and answer your queries-on:

  • What is Public Policy? What domains fall under the category of Public Policy?
  • What are the various job opportunities in the sector?
  • How does one get to be qualified for jobs in the sector?
  • What does an impactful career in public policy look like?
  • What are the myths about Public Policy careers in India?
  • Why is MPP the new MBA? How are we moving from generalists to specialists?
  • What is so unique about the MPP at Kautilya?


  • Students in the final year of their undergraduate degree, passionate about and dedicated to the task of nation-building
  • Those aspiring to build a career in public life, public policy and administration, social sector, media, journalism and communications, politics, and other related fields
  • Young professionals seeking leadership positions to inspire transformative change
  • Parents seeking greater insight into career opportunities for their children through a Master’s degree in Public Policy
  • Other individuals who are curious about Kautilya School of Public Policy