Let’s Talk

“Shaping education
in the post-pandemic world”

June 17, 2021


About the event

COVID-19 has shaken up the education sector. While premier schools have made the shift to tech-based education, schools in small towns and villages are unable to keep up. Worse still, even after one year of the pandemic in India, there seems to be no solution to this rapidly increasing digital divide.

Other questions remain – how effective is online learning? Can EdTech replace traditional classroom-based learning? How can teachers be trained in tech to make hybrid learning successful? What about subjects that mandatorily need a physical space? Will children from weaker sections of society come back to school when things improve?

Hear from industry leaders themselves – Yamini Aiyar, President and Chief Executive of Centre for Policy Research; Shaheen Mistri, CEO of Teach for India; Raghav Chadha, MLA & Spokesperson, Aam Aadmi Party and Prateek Kanwal, Co-Founder of the Kautilya School of Public Policy. The event was moderated by renowned journalist, Nidhi Razdan.

‘Let’s Talk Policy’ is a panel discussion series initiated by Kautilya School of Public Policy, that brings forth a select group of panellists, sharing differing views on key issues of national and global relevance, and building the dialogue into a conversation for the student community.

The series aims to unravel major themes around democracy, politics, and human rights, and explore the challenges and rewards of implementing practices. We aim to create a cohesive platform and call on thematic experts to foster a healthy dialogue around the most-pressing issues.

About the panellists

Nidhi Razdan

Visiting Faculty, Kautilya &
Fmr. Exec. Editor, NDTV


Nidhi Razdan (Moderator) is an award-winning journalist, author and the former Executive Editor of…

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Yamini Aiyar

President & Chief Exec,
Centre for Policy Research


Yamini Aiyar is President and Chief Executive of the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, a …

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Shaheen Mistri

CEO, Teach for India


Shaheen Mistri is an Indian social activist and educator. She is the founder of Akanksha …

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Raghav Chadha

MLA & Spokesperson,
Aam Aadmi Party


Raghav Chadha is a chartered accountant and the youngest spokesperson and …

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Prateek Kanwal

Project Director, Ekatrit at Educate Girls;
Co-Founder, Kautilya


Prateek Kanwal did his Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School….

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  • Young Indians, passionate about bringing about positive change and building India
  • Those aspiring to build a career in public life, public policy and administration, social sector, media, journalism and communications, politics, and other related fields
  • Academicians, researchers and journalists working in or following the fields mentioned above
  • Those concerned about the state of education in India post the pandemic – and are keen to hear from experts with on-ground experience at the highest level

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