MPP Degree: Building a career in multilateral organizations

Multilateral organizations offer opportunities to create
change on a macro level. Sign-up to know how an MPP
can help you build a career in multilaterals.

June 26, 2021


About the event

Multilateral organizations (MLOs) are formed by three or more nations to work on issues that are relevant to
each of them. Building a career in an MLO requires previous experience as well as specialized training in relevant fields such as public health, economics, business, or social and behavioural sciences.

This event provided those interested in a career in MLOs, with an understanding of how to approach their goal. Our expert panelists participated in this event by:

  • Sharing about their rich experience of holding senior positions at MLOs
  • Offering a holistic view of how to plan for a career in MLOs
  • Explaining how Kautilya’s MPP can aid in forging an effective career at an MLO
  • Enumerating Kautilya’s offerings in the stream of International Relations, and how key soft skills (multi-party negotiations, persuasion, diplomacy, advocacy, communications, etc.) will be taught by experts from Harvard and Stanford
  • Introducing Kautilya’s network of MLOs, and how we can offer MPP students internships & placements at multilateral organisations

About the panellists

Manika Raikwar

CMO, Gitam;
Fmr. Managing Editor, NDTV


Manika Raikwar graduated from Miranda House and did her Master’s from the Mass …

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Syed Akbaruddin

Dean, Kautilya;
Fmr. Permanent Rep. of India
to the UN


Syed Akbaruddin joined Kautilya following a distinguished diplomatic career spanning more …

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Indermit Gill

Advisory Board member, Kautilya;
VP for Equitable Growth,
World Bank


Indermit Gill is a Non-resident Senior Fellow in the Global Economy and Development program …

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  • Students in the final year of their undergraduate degree, passionate about and dedicated to the task of nation-building
  • Those aspiring to build a career in international relations, multilaterals, IFS, UN, IMF, World Bank, non-profits & foreign policy
  • Young professionals seeking leadership positions to inspire transformative change
  • Parents seeking greater insight into career opportunities for their children through a Master’s degree in Public Policy
  • Other individuals who are curious about Kautilya School of Public Policy

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