No Questions about Hyderabad

    • By Syed Akbaruddin, Dean

I never thought I would ever come back to Hyderabad. When I left in 1985, the city of my upbringing, the not-so-big city at the time, was something I was eager to leave behind in the quest to be a global nomad. After 35 years I am back...

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Beyond the Greenback: Understanding De-Dollarization Dynamics

    • Aarini Mishra – Student, Kautilya

For over a century, the U.S. dollar has reigned as the world’s dominant ...

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What If India Implements Moneyball Military?

    • Lasya Chelikani – Student, Kautilya

Money Ball Military theory is a different strategy for developing military ...

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ONOE: One Voice, Many Concerns

    • Lakshmanan S – Student, Kautilya

A highly polarizing topic is gaining traction in India: one ...

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France fights against food waste

    • Ranjeeta Sinha – Admission Advisor, Kautilya

Imagine going into a supermarket, purchasing three shopping ...

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Balancing Act or Power Play: An Analysis of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

    • Purvasha Anand – Student, Kautilya

As India takes rapid steps towards a digital economy, the ...

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Policy Over Politics: Embracing Policy-Centric Dialogue for Collective Progress

    • Monish Choudhary – Graphic Designer, Kautilya

Low scepticism can lead to blind adherence to leaders or ideologies, while...

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Women’s Political Participation: A Long Way to Substantive Democracy

    • Poonam Kushwaha – Academic Associate, Kautilya

September 28, 2024 will go down in history as an important turning point...

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Inclusivity at the Workplace: The Case of Menstrual Leaves

    • Shivani Kulkarni – Student, Kautilya

Recently, the Indian Supreme Court declined to consider a Public Interest...

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The Looming Threat of AI in Elections

    • Yvonna Tia Steele – Student, Kautilya

In their book “How to Rig an Election,” Nic Cheeseman and Brian...

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Beyond the Feed: Exploring How Social Media Drives Voters Polarization

    • Shreya Maheshwari – Executive Assistant to the Dean, Kautilya

Back in 2017, the 45th President of the United States, Donald ...

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Unpacking Urban Governance

    • Lekhani Hamen Raja – Student, Kautilya

Developing grassroots democracy in cities through Democratic...

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AI, Data and Humanity: Walking the Policy Plank

    • Saumya Anand – Student, Kautilya

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how we work and live while presenting...

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Addressing Child Malnutrition: Building a Brighter Future

    • PBhagyashri Sanjay Wankhade – Student, Kautilya

Health and nutrition greatly influence a child’s ability to learn and grow. Like a delicate...

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From Dependency to Self-Sufficiency: India’s move towards Sustainable Mining

    • Rohit Singh Gautam – Student, Kautilya

The Russian-Ukraine war had jolted how relying on critical minerals can disrupt global...

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Fostering Academic Eminence

    • Kankana Talukdar – Program Associate, Kautilya

The nature of employees in advanced education organizations is vital in deciding the scholastic...

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Silenced Lives : The Persistence of Female Feticide in India

    • Pinaki Gakhar – Student, Kautilya

A pregnant woman is sedated for a sex-determination examination, and another is made...

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Beyond Quotas: Analyzing the Impact of Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam 2023

    • Srajan Mishra – Student, Kautilya

The topic of gender representation in politics is one that India, a country renowned...

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Governorship Conundrum in Contemporary India: A Call for Constitutional Reforms

    • Shubham Arya – Academic Associate, Kautilya

In the vibrant collage of Indian democracy, the role of the Governor holds...

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Beyond Harsh Punishments: Rethinking Crime Prevention in India

    • Aradhana Pandian – Student, Kautilya

The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill was introduced to replace the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which...

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The Indian Government’s Digital Transformation Journey

    • Pratheekh Chandra – Student, Kautilya

India is an economically growing and quickly digitizing country, with...

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Criminalization of Politics: A Threat to India’s Policy-Making Process

    • Jnaneswara D. Koripella – Student, Kautilya

As the largest democracy in the world, India has been grappling with a recurring and complex...

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Vaccine Nationalism & Covid-19: Impact on Access in Third World Nations

    • Shivangi Pandey – Academic Associate, Kautilya

Covid-19 was an instance, wherein the entire world’s humanity and solidarity...

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Exploring Barriers in Indian Muslim Women’s Education

    • Shanam Rafique – Student, Kautilya

Article 21(A) of the Indian Constitution and Article 26 of the (UNDR), adopted by”...

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Nagorno-Karabakh:An Indian Perspective on the Conflict in the South Caucasus

    • Vivek Kalhan Reshi Raina – Student, Kautilya

On September 19th, 2023, Azerbaijan launched an “anti-terror operation”...

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Women in Sports: Triumphs and Challenges in India

    • Nishant Puniani – Student, Kautilya

The last decade has seen India rising as a sports powerhouse spearheaded...

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Social & Emotional Learning: The Pursuit of Happiness Beyond Basic RIghts for Education

    • Vaibhavi Awasthi – Student, Kautilya

Oscar Wilde was closer to the vulnerability of life when he said– “I don’t...

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Hydropower in India: Balancing Energy Demands, Environmental Concerns, and Climate Change Mitigation

    • Subhash Gottumukkala – Student, Kautilya

Renewable energy sources are now at the forefront because there is a pressing...

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A Vindication of the Abortion Rights of Women

    • Nandini Diwan – Student, Kautilya

In 2015, at age 81, Gloria Steinem dedicated her book“My Life on the Road” to Dr. John Sharpe...

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AI and Resilient Job Markets: A Balancing Act?

    • Oaishik Bhattacharya – Student, Kautilya

The spectre of artificial intelligence and its impact on job markets loom...

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Act East Policy and the Ongoing Manipur Ethnic Conflict: Navigating Challenges for Regional Stability

    • H. Luaisangmuan – Student, Kautilya

The Indian government launched the Act East Policy in 2014 based...

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India’s Soft power and Leadership in Global South

    • Neha Rathore – Administrative Assistant, Kautilya

The termination of the Cold War and the consequent end of bipolarity...

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The Modern Government Policy: “Being Speedy, Engaging, Impactful, Innovative & Inclusive.”

    • Hitesh Kakkar – Director – Admissions & New Initiatives, Kautilya

India is all set to overtake the U.S. to become the world’s second-largest...

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Beyond Labels: A Journey towards Equitable Education for Students with Mental Health Disorders

    • Priyanka Roy – General Manager – Admissions & Outreach, Kautilya

Education forms the cornerstone of a nation’s progress, serving as a catalyst...

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The Transformative Impact of Including Sports in School Education in India

    • Vishnu Menon – Admission Advisor, Kautilya

Thanks to the advancement of deep learning, the GPT-4, or Generative Pre-trained...

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The Dire Consequences of Fast Fashion: The Toll of Trend-Chasing

    • Sreshtha Majumdar – Academic Associate, Kautilya

Every morning, Sheila walks to the garment factory past the hungry male gazes...

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ChatGPT and the Future of Qualitative Public Policy Research

    • Dr. Vishnu S Pillai – Assistant Professor, Kautilya

Thanks to the advancement of deep learning, the GPT-4, or Generative Pre-trained...

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Panchayati Raj Institution – Delivering Democratic Intervention to the Last Mile

    • Sanket Sanjay Mate – Student, Kautilya

India, with its roots deeply entrenched in its villages, has always believed...

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Impact of Generative AI on Higher Education

    • Shivangi Sharma – Program Manager, Kautilya

“Generative AI”, “Large Language Models” (LLM), and “Chat GPT” have become...

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Towards Inclusivity: The Need for Queer Inclusive Thought in Public Policy

    • Aryaman Chatterjee – Academic Associate, Kautilya

While public policy deals with laws, measures and regulatory frameworks, its purview...

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Reading the fine print: NRF may keep Indian research trapped in a rut

    • Pritish Anand – Academic Associate, Kautilya

On 28th June, 2023, the Union Cabinet approved the introduction of the NRF...

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The Gendered Nature of the Labour Market: Its Consequences for Women.

    • Arushi Jha Thakur – Academic Associate, Kautilya

Labour Markets have historically been gendered in nature. This is very prominent...

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Poised for the future: Public Policy

    • Thakur Natraj Singh – Student, Kautilya

Policy making, historically, was the domain of the rulers, except in democratic...

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A Divided Victory: Erdogan’s Third Term and its Consequences

    • Piyush Mittal – Executive Assistant to the Dean, Kautilya

In spite of the growing inflation, the worsening economy, and the public anger...

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India’s Struggle with the Law of Sedition

    • Kaushal Kasliwal – Student, Kautilya

As we commemorate 75 years of independence in the “Amrit Kaal ” era, one...

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Deconstructing The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act PWDVA Act (2005)

    • Rashad Khan – Academic Associate, Kautilya

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) was passed in 2005 as a legislation...

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Securing India’s Digital Frontiers : Cybersecurity’s Growing Importance in National Security

    • Vinayaka Sai Chaitanya – Student, Kautilya

For more than three decades the Internet has been playing a crucial role ...

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E-Governance : The Way Ahead

    • Nirmal Ganesh – Student, Kautilya

In a vibrant multi-party democracy such as India, the party or coalition ...

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Between Consensus and Efficiency : The Future of Multilateralism

    • Dr. Kanica Rakhra – Assistant Professor, Kautilya

The Multilateral world has been attempting to evolve for some time ...

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The Coming of a New Dawn: Rajasthan Right to Health Care Act 2022

    • Subhash Bhambu – Academic Associate, Kautilya

In terms of public policy decisions, Rajasthan Right to Health Care Act 2022 is ...

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India-ASEAN Partnership: Zooming into the Question of Security Cooperation

    • Peter Sotei – Student, Kautilya

The 30th-year-old India-ASEAN partnership or friendship...

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Transgender Persons: Creating Space in a Heteronormative World

    • Aishwarya Bansal – Student, Kautilya

India with a population of 1.3 billion is a nation of vast disparities on one hand there is a thriving...

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Increased Government Healthcare Spending : Need of the Hour

    • G. Saiteja Reddy – Student, Kautilya

India with a population of 1.3 billion is a nation of vast disparities on one hand there is a thriving...

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The Youth Dilemma in Indian Politics

    • Trilok Kothapalli – Student, Kautilya

As of 2023, more than 50% of the 1.4 billion population of Indians are under the age....

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The Missing Cog in the Wheel: Ecosystem Services for Policy

    • Nikhitha Jagadeesh – Student, Kautilya

It is safe to say that 2022 was a year of Biodiversity in policy circles....

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“When Lambo”? “When Moon”?: A Global Crypto Framework Is Round the Corner!

    • Udaibir Saran Das – Visiting Faculty, Kautilya

The global community is searching for a unified policy approach toward crypto ....

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The Urgency for Public Policy Education in India

    • Varshit Aggarwal – Student, Kautilya

The above lines are from a song that the 90’s that stir nostalgia among the kids....

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The Public Distribution System: Problems and Prospects

    • Yashi Mishra – Academic Associate, Kautilya

The Public Distribution System (PDS), which is to be revised every three years and appropriately ....

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Roadmap for Reforming India

    • Vinay Chaudhary – Student, Kautilya

Recently India celebrated it’s 75 years of its independence on the very occasion....

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Investment in Clean Drinking Water in Neoliberal times – A Telangana Way

    • Mohammad Juned Shahil – Student, Kautilya

In the era of Neoliberalism, the dominant ideology and policy model encourages....

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India’s Defence Partnership with Russia and its Implications on India-U.S. Bilateral Relations

    • Piyush Mittal – Executive Assistant to Dean, Kautilya

India & Russia’s defence and strategic partnership dates back to the soviet days....

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Drug Trafficking: A Growing Concern for India

    • Deep Vora – Student, Kautilya

India, with a population of 356 million people between the age of 10 and 24, is one....

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Longtermism – A case for the collective future of humanity

    • Priya Bhatkar – Student, Kautilya

Future lives matter. A leading proponent of longtermism, scottish philosopher....

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Education in the midst of a Pandemic

    • Shuvabrata Garai – Student, Kautilya

It was the period of March 2020. The COVID-19 cases saw a massive spike....

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The Indian Conundrum of Domestic Growth Vs. Climate Challenge

    • Antara Maitra – Student, Kautilya

Memories of the scorching summers down the childhood memory lanes....

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The Emergence of India’s Digital Policy

    • Malcolm Hendricks – Student, Kautilya

For a very long time, India has been demanding the need to have a robust....

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Silhouettes of the Arctic

    • Theres Thomas – Student, Kautilya

The Arctic historically has been seen as a no-man’s region....

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Why is this the best time to enter the space of urban policy and city governance?

    • Ankur Vyas – Student, Kautilya

India has an advantageous demographic dividend – a young population....

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Grassroots Interventions for a Brighter Future

    • Rishabh Borkar – Student, Kautilya

Two years back, the Covid19 Pandemic unfolded. The pandemic brought....

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The Rise of Cybercrime amid Digitalization

    • Vishaka Agnihotri – Student, Kautilya

Cybercrime refers to the use of technology to pursue illegal and criminal....

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Understanding The Whole Child Development Framework

    • Oshin Sahare – Student, Kautilya

Whole Child Development, prioritizes all aspects of a child’s developmental....

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Fixing a Broken Healthcare System: Lessons from the Pandemic

    • Garima Goel – Student, Kautilya

The COVID-19 outbreak placed unprecedented demands on the Indian....

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Will The Dragon Fly out of the ‘Middle Income Trap?’

    • Akshat Joshi – Student, Kautilya

China is among the world’s fastest-growing economies. Post-1990s, China....

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Urgency of Feminist Perspective in Public Policy

    • Rashika Singh – Student, Kautilya

A feminist perspective recognizes that the hierarchical organizing of the world....

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Your health & Climate change – Connecting the dots

    • Sruthi Murthala – Student, Kautilya

This year marks the golden jubilee of the UN Conference of the Human....

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A world of Unequals

    • Shiwang Singh – Student, Kautilya

A few days after the imposition of the nationwide lockdown to restrict....

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India’s Toxic Obsession with ‘Merit’: Policy and Propaganda

    • Pritish Anand – Student, Kautilya

What is the purpose of education? Is it the one that enables....

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Geo- Economics in the Post-Pandemic World

    • Archana Gupta – Student, Kautilya

The beginning of the 21st century was seen as a great restart....

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    • Sunidhi Singh – Student, Kautilya

Over the decade, climate change has become the center of global....

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Rethinking The Refugee Crisis

    • Pranitha Pullamaraju – Student, Kautilya

The refugee crisis around the world is a complex humanitarian....

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India’s E-mobility dream rides on 2- wheelers

    • Snigdha – Student, Kautilya

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris....

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Women in the garment manufacturing industry

    • Arushi Jha Thakur - Academic Associate, Kautilya

Reorganization of global production processes since the 1960s ....

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Issues exploring malnourishment among children

    • Asha Kumari – Executive Assistant to the Dean, Kautilya

Child malnutrition is a chronic problem and a long-lasting challenge....

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Analyzing the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

    • Rashad Khan - Academic Associate, Kautilya

Wage compensation is an important component of maternal entitlements....

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Remembering a Global Statesman: The Legacy of Shinzo Abe

    • Rituja Ghosh - Academic Associate, Kautilya

Shinzo Abe casts a long shadow in Japanese politics and gained renown as a global ....

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Gendering the Pandemic Effect: Post-Pandemic Trends of Female Labour Force Participation

    • Harshita Sharma - Academic Associate, Kautilya

World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, concluded....

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Changing World Order: (Im) balance of Power in Eurasia

    • Subhash Bhambhu - Academic Associate, Kautilya

The disintegration of the USSR and the end of the Cold War proved to be a global paradigm....

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The Exigency for an Active Parliament for Building a Vibrant Democracy

    • Mohammad Juned Shahil - Student, Kautilya

On May 13, 2022, the Indian Parliament completed 70 years since....

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Beware of Rainbow Washing!

    • Anjali Sreeram - Student, Kautilya

Pride Month just got over, and brands couldn’t get enough....

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Nuclear non-proliferation, still an age old problem

    • Dharmesh Bansal - Student, Kautilya

The Treaty on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) was signed in 1968....

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Promoting Gender Diversity and Integrating the Gender Perspective in Indian Intelligence Agencies

    • Sanyogita Satpute - Student, Kautilya

Promotion of Gender Diversity and Integration of Gender perspective....

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The Importance of Early Sexual Education in Indian Schools

    • Vinaya Bharam- Student, Kautilya

In a country that houses a population of 3.18 billion people ....

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Time to be “Significant”

    • Rawson Gonsalves – Student, Kautilya

Christened the “World Environment Day,” June 5th, this year marks half ....

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    • Aniket Raj- Student, Kautilya

Whenever there is a hike in the interest rate, the economist ....

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Masulipatnam Port: The dead dock town

    • Sowmya Kolla- Student, Kautilya

Machilipatnam, or Masulipatnam, which once flourished as a cosmopolitan town during ....

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Applications of Academic Writing in Public Policy

    • Vasudha Katju – Faculty, Kautilya

What can training in academic writing offer to students of public policy? ....

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Import Substitution: A Tried and Tested Policy for Failure

    • Harsha Kavi – Student, Kautilya

Import substitution is a policy by which the state aims to increase ....

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Inequality in the booming Indian economy

    • Rehet kaur – Student, Kautilya

The United Nations 2015 adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals ....

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Common But Differentiated Responsibility in Addressing Climate Change

    • Amulya Reddy – Intern, Kautilya

The whole world benefited from globalisation ....

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Countdown Begins for TB Mukt Bharat

    • Shankar Narayanan – Student, Kautilya 2021-23

24th March is observed as World Tuberculosis Day in the memory ....

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Navigating Through Warp & Weft

    • Waseem Ahmad – Student, Kautilya 2021-23

In this picture is Mr. Narasimha and his weaving machine, called Maggam....

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Overview of Sports Challenges and Policies in India

    • B Pradeep – Research Assistant, Kautilya

The complementarily of physical and mental health were stressed....

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The Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

    • Lohith Kumar Reddy – Research Assistant, Kautilya

Sri Lanka’s economic collapse is really very tragic. For a long time,....

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Celebrating Women Or Reinforcing Stereotypes?

    • Sudipta Shaw – Research Assistant, Kautilya

On 8th March 2022, just like any other morning, I was going....

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Livelihood Resilience Policies And Practices In A Climate-Change Affected World

    • Taj Ud Din Malik – Research Assistant, Kautilya

The impact of the projected climate change on many livelihoods....

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Why Are Ideologies So Catchy?

    • Shivangi Sharma - Executive Assistant to Dean, Kautilya

We hear about several ideologies today. from Liberalism,....

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Why Indians don’t Invest in the Equity Market

    • Akshat Joshi - Student, Kautilya

Never ask a woman her age or a man his salary....

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Togetherness In Times Of The Pandemic

    • Piuli Basu - Research Assistant, Kautilya

By 2021, fatigue had become a major hurdle in our efficiency....

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Metaverse: Inception of a Paradigm Shift

    • Manogna Atkuru - Student, Kautilya

The concept of Metaverse sounds like a parody of the Matrix movie....

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Whatsapp privacy issues and the way out

    • Shubham Shinde - Student, Kautilya

We had all become grossly concerned over intrusion of our privacy ....

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The Bitter Taste of Sugar

    • Prashant Rathod - Student, Kautilya

Maharashtra’s Vidarbha and Marathawada’s 1.5 million labourers....

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Federal Reserve’s Tantrum and its spillover effect on India

    • Amrendra Pandey - Asst. Professor, Kautilya

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) concluded its much....

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Let’s Give Them The Respect They Deserve

    • Anjali Sreeram – Student, Kautilya

When were you first introduced to LGBT+ community....

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Challenging Times for Movie Theatres in Andhra Pradesh

    • Trilok Kothapalli & Harsha Kavi – Student, Kautilya

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh recently regulated the maximum price....

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Software – Essential (Tools) for Public Policy

    • Shankar Mepparambath – Student, Kautilya

For the mechanic, the “hammer and spanner” are essential tools....

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An Overview of FinTech in India

    • Ms Srishhti Sinha – Research Associate, Kautily

India, with a population of 1.3 billion people has an evidently massive....

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    • Akshat Joshi- Student, Kautilya

Working as a software engineer in a renowned multinational consultancy....

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Rich nations and poor governments

    • Ms. Oindrilla Sarkar – Asst.Manager – Admissions, Kautilya

Waking up to a headline that read that India is currently one....

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    • Anurag Prabhakar- Student, Kautilya 2021-23

Everyone should have equal access to opportunities in life....

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Upcoming Monetary Policy Committee Meeting and its Dilemma

    • Dr. Amrendra Pandey - Assistant Professor, Kautilya

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India....

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74 years of Independence; have we learnt nothing?

    • Sanjana Kapoor - Student, Kautilya 2021-23

A simple Google search will show you the meaning of the word Dalit ast....

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    • By Dr. Mukul Saxena, Founding Professor at Kautilya

I fondly remember a conversation between a four-year-old girl...

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India’s Energy Crisis Needs Political Solutions More Than Technical Ones

    • By Dr. Ali Adil, Founding Assistant Professor

The past week saw a war of narratives with Coal India Limited (CIL) at the center...

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(3+1) Day Workweek

    • By Vivek Oruganti, Research Associate

I have a dream that we all should work four days or less....

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Is decentralisation the answer?

    • By Alisha Jane Mendonsa, Research Associate at Kautilya

There has been a sizeable push towards decentralisation...

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Afghan Women: Flag bearers of hope and change

    • By Dr Shanthie Mariet D'Souza, Founding Professor

Amidst uncertainties surrounding the Indian economic growth and the ongoing...

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Empowering next generation
policy leaders

    • By M Sri Bharat, President – GITAM, and Founder

Various pillars of the society-government, industry and civil society do not interact...

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Where are the Muslim women in Indian Politics?

    • By Waseem Ahmad - Student, Kautilya 2021-23

5 of the 16 Lok Sabhas since independence did not have any Muslim women members....

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NEP 2020 : How can India become center for public policy education in next 5 Years

    • By Sridhar Pabbisetty, Founding Director

India is a desirable destination in the global higher education space...

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Resilience: Getting the Discourse Right!

    • By Dr. Ali Adil, Founding Assistant Professor

Amidst uncertainties surrounding the Indian economic growth and the ongoing...

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Change the status quo

    • By Prateek Kanwal, Co-Founder

A professional degree in public policy in India is a recent and...

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