No Questions about Hyderabad

    • By Syed Akbaruddin, Dean

I never thought I would ever come back to Hyderabad. When I left in 1985, the city of my upbringing, the not-so-big city at the time, was something I was eager to leave behind in the quest to be a global nomad. After 35 years I am back...

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Software – Essential (Tools) for Public Policy

    • Shankar Mepparambath – Student, Kautilya

For the mechanic, the “hammer and spanner” are essential tools....

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Rich nations and poor governments

    • Ms. Oindrilla Sarkar – Asst.Manager – Admissions, Kautilya

Waking up to a headline that read that India is currently one....

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An Overview of FinTech in India

    • Ms Srishhti Sinha – Research Associate, Kautily

India, with a population of 1.3 billion people has an evidently massive....

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    • Anuraj Prabhakar- Student, MPP 2021-23

Everyone should have equal access to opportunities in life....

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    • Akshat Joshi- Student, Kautilya

Working as a software engineer in a renowned multinational consultancy....

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Upcoming Monetary Policy Committee Meeting and its Dilemma

    • Dr. Amrendra Pandey - Assistant Professor, Kautilya

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India....

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74 years of Independence; have we learnt nothing?

    • Sanjana Kapoor - Student, MPP 2021-23

A simple Google search will show you the meaning of the word Dalit ast....

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    • By Dr. Mukul Saxena, Founding Professor at Kautilya

I fondly remember a conversation between a four-year-old girl...

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Is decentralisation the answer?

    • By Alisha Jane Mendonsa, Research Associate at Kautilya

There has been a sizeable push towards decentralisation...

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India’s Energy Crisis Needs Political Solutions More Than Technical Ones

    • By Dr. Ali Adil, Founding Assistant Professor

The past week saw a war of narratives with Coal India Limited (CIL) at the center...

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(3+1) Day Workweek

    • By Vivek Oruganti, Research Associate

I have a dream that we all should work four days or less....

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Afghan Women: Flag bearers of hope and change

    • By Dr Shanthie Mariet D'Souza, Founding Professor

Amidst uncertainties surrounding the Indian economic growth and the ongoing...

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Empowering next generation
policy leaders

    • By M Sri Bharat, President – GITAM, and Founder

Various pillars of the society-government, industry and civil society do not interact...

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Where are the Muslim women in Indian Politics?

    • By Waseem Ahmad - Student, MPP 2021-23

5 of the 16 Lok Sabhas since independence did not have any Muslim women members....

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Change the status quo

    • By Prateek Kanwal, Co-Founder

A professional degree in public policy in India is a recent and...

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Resilience: Getting the Discourse Right!

    • By Dr. Ali Adil, Founding Assistant Professor

Amidst uncertainties surrounding the Indian economic growth and the ongoing...

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NEP 2020 : How can India become center for public policy education in next 5 Years

    • By Sridhar Pabbisetty, Founding Director

India is a desirable destination in the global higher education space...

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