Leadership to inspire change.

Dedication for nation-building.

Reliance on evidence and facts to make informed policy decisions.

Emphasis on inclusion and regeneration for a brighter future.

These are just a few of the traits that our Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) program will instil in you.

MPP is a residential 2-year multi-disciplinary program that gives you exposure to all aspects of policy – economics, politics, business, law, ethics, communications and technology. Our curriculum design is based on the international pedagogical framework and contextualized specifically to tackle complexities of the Indian market that will accelerate your career in policy making, consulting and evaluation, non-profit or social enterprises, or government & politics.


Build a Career
in Public Policy

Our program’s combination of academic rigour and on-ground experiences will give you the confidence to assume leadership in any career of your choice. Here are some of the popular avenues you can choose after your MPP.

Public service, including policy making and implementation, government roles and politics

Private sector, including business consulting, policy consulting for large corporations, policy analysis, think tanks and private policy implementation organisations

Non-profit or social enterprises

Media & communications, with a focus on public sector topics

Research and academia

International and foreign affairs

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We’re bringing
a strong cohort of changemakers

Master’s in Public Policy
2-year program;