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    About Us

    At Kautilya, we believe that, a new India will require passion, commitment and most importantly, a pool of public policy professionals formally trained in evidence-based policy making, implementation and leadership– which is precisely what we, at Kautilya School of Public Policy aim to do.

    We are committed to imparting education that is relevant, contemporary, and functional. We offer passionate minds a robust training ground that nurtures grassroots aspirations with a tailor-made, multi-disciplinary, bonafide and rigorous academic program. We have on-board some of the world’s leading academic experts and policy practitioners to prepare students for a transformed path in nation-building, by inculcating diverse skills necessary for a successful career in public life.

    Why Kautliya ?

    Experienced Founding team

    Access to top minds in the field of public policy

    World class infrastructure

    Mix of academic depth & practical application

    Quality engagement with Society, Govt & Business

    Scholarships & placement assistance

    Our program’s combination of academic rigour and on-ground experience will give you the confidence to assume leadership in any career of your choice:

    1. Public Service, including policy making and implementation, government roles and politics
    2. Private Sector, including business consulting, policy consulting for large corporations, policy analysis, think tanks and private policy implementation organisations
    3. Non-profit or Social Enterprises
    4. Media & Communications, with a focus on public sector topics
    5. Research and Academia
    6. International and Foreign Affairs

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