We’ve brought in the best educators and influencers to set you up for success. Our faculty comprises a mix of research scholars and practitioners. They have in depth experience in areas of Economics, Public Policy, Political Science, Statistics, Ethics, Leadership and Communication, Philosophy, Psychology & Law among others. They are passionate about ensuring that the real world of policy making is brought into the classroom to prepare students for current, urgent and complex challenges.

We are backed by a powerful group of board members who bring several years of expertise in public policy, education, and business. Their support and network will give our students access to influential organisations and individuals who can learn and grow from their guidance and connections.


Anil Swarup

Author, Retired IAS Officer

Indermit Singh Gill

Vice President for Equitable Growth, World Bank & Prof. of Public Policy

M. V. Rajeev Gowda

Former Member of Parliament; Chairman, Congress Research Department

Steve Jarding

Former Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Moshik Temkin

Fellow at The Belfer Center for Science and Intl. Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Dr. Anjali Mohan

Urban & Regional Planner

Cdr. Ashok V M Kumar (Retd.)

Former Navy Officer, Consultant on Human Trafficking

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh

Social Technologist, Urbanist and Entrepreneur

David Sunder Singh

Advocate & Human Rights Lawyer

Glenn Kramon

Lecturer in Management, Stanford School of Business

Jayanth Gudimella

Finance Professional & Strategy Consultant

Madhuri Xalxo

Advocate & Human Rights Lawyer

Nidhi Razdan

Visiting Faculty, Kautilya & Former Executive Editor, NDTV

Piyush Tewari

Founder & CEO, SaveLIFE Foundation

Siddharth Raja

Seasoned Corporate Lawyer

Prateek Kanwal

Co-Founder, Kautilya School of Public Policy

Sridhar Pabbisetty

Founding Director, Kautilya School of Public Policy

Dr. Mukul Saxena

Founding Professor, Kautilya School of Public Policy

Dr. Ali Adil

Founding Assistant Professor, Kautilya School of Public Policy

Dr. Shanthie Mariet D’Souza

Founding Professor,
Kautilya School of Public Policy

Amitabh Mattoo

Prof. of Disarmament Studies at JNU; Prof. of Intl. Relations at University of Melbourne

Vijay Gokhale

Foreign Secretary of India
Secretary to the Govt. of India


Kautilya’s MPP program is designed for those looking to rebalance Society, Government and Business towards an equitable society.