Policymaking for New India:
A Journey from Ideation to Impact

Syed Akbaruddin

Dean, Kautilya School of Public Policy;
Former Permanent Representative
of India to the UN

Friday, March 22
6 p.m. – 7 p.m. (Via Zoom)


At the heart of #progress lies translational policymaking. Envisioning change through inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, and aspirations to lay the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow is vital for #holistic development.


Ideation on a journey to evidence-based #research for policymaking is vital to building well-informed, robust policies that address our nation’s needs. We need to translate ideas into measurable outcomes to drive tangible #impact and positive change.


Together, let’s embark on this journey of #policymaking, from ideation to impact, to build a resilient and thriving New India. #PolicyForProgress #NewIndiaJourney


  • Any graduate and/or those in the final year of their program.
  • Junior and mid-level corporate executives.
  • Media and Communication professionals.
  • UPSC and legal career aspirants.
  • Business and Economics experts.
  • Engineering and Technology specialists.
  • Citizens passionate about problem-solving and community development.


  • Key ingredients of translational policy making for New-India.
  • How pursuing Master’s Program in Public Policy can help you open doors to the global stage
  • What’s driving the demand for public policy specialists?
  • What are the New-Age career paths you can pursue?

Join us, in this high value session to learn from the man himself who shaped global narratives. and served India in a decades-long career at the global stage in public service.