Dr.Sach Wry

Sach specializes in insights from North-Atlantic economic history for policy pedagogy and analysis. He remains affiliated with the United Nations University, with a PhD from Maastricht University, preceded by an MSc in Environmental Policy, an MBA and BTech in Chemical Engineering. He served as Policy Analyst at the federal Environment Ministry in New Delhi working for a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Since then, he has given talks on disparate aspects of Public Policy on four continents. Besides MPP and undergrad students from over 70 countries at UNU and Maastricht University, he has taught in a Public Policy program attended by IAS officers at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and Mohali.


He writes the Substack newsletter Elite Scotoma, a critique of top global journalism with a wonkish Indian perspective. He has also written for the United Nations University website and Hakara, a bilingual magazine. In recent years, he has been researching an ambitious nonfiction book that bridges economics and natural sciences. An experimental youtube channel tries to condense snippets from the ongoing book research.


Through the period of doctoral research, he volunteered as a companion at a care home for the elderly and as a weekend cook at a care home for the mentally ill in the Dutch village of Meersen. In India, he has previously volunteered with Udayan Care as a mentor for public schools in New Delhi and for InternShala’s pro bono university outreach. He is also an online educator addressing classrooms across the world for the non-profit Skype-a-Scientist.


  • Global Economic History
  • Inequality and Wages
  • IT and Economic Rents
  • Policy Journalism


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  • Metachoice and Metadata: Innovating with Environmental Policy Analysis in Europe. 2014. Boekenplan, Maastricht. ISBN: 978 90 8666 3521

  • Policy Instruments.
  • Advanced Environmental Policy.
  • Global Economic History for Policy Analysts.
  • Microeconomics.
  • Writing Policy Memos.
  • International Relations.


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