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Admissions for the cohort of 2023-25 are now open.You may Click Here to fill out the application form.

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How To Apply?

To complete your application, you will need to fill out and submit our Online Application Form. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Employment History (if applicable)
  • Any awards or recognitions
  • Details of two recommenders (with at least one professional recommendation, if applicable)

Your application will be reviewed once you complete and submit the form.

An application fee of ₹1,000 is due, prior to your submission.

Selection Process

The goal of our assessment process is to select best-performing and well-rounded applicants who are passionate about leading and inspiring change in India’s governance. Our internal assessment process considers the following aspects of your application:

  • Your academic record, employment history, and essays hold 60% weightage and your Personal Interview holds the rest 40% weightage for your selection assessment
  • Your passion for pursuing a career in Public Policy and bringing about change in your area of interest
  • Your personal attributes such as your leadership potential, initiative, and awareness of prevailing issues in the Public Policy domain

We shortlist candidates based on their overall performance on the aforesaid parameters. Your essays and your personal interview will largely impact your chances of selection. Hence, it is imperative to focus on well-articulated essays.

Kautilya’s selection process is designed to give each applicant a fair chance of admission.

Program Fee

Tuition Fee for Master of Public Policy (MPP) Cohort 2023-25

Admission Fee* ₹ 1,00,000
Duration: 2 years 1st Year ₹ 6,68,000
2nd Year ₹ 6,68,000

*Admission Fee (non-refundable) payable at the time of acceptance of offer, will be adjusted against the tuition fee.
While no security deposit is being charged, any damage to Kautilya’s property will be charged on actuals.

Hostel expenses for Master of Public Policy (MPP) Cohort 2023-25

Duration: 2 years 1st Year ₹ 1,23,000
2nd Year ₹ 1,23,000

* The meal plan fee will be extra and is not included in the hostel fee

* Fees for the meal plan and accommodation will have to be paid in 4 separate instalments over 2 years

* The hostel fee mentioned is for twin sharing accommodation with a common washroom, students can opt for higher categories of rooms on single and twin occupancy. Please get in touch with the admissions office for further details

Financial Aid

Kautilya also offers need-based scholarships, in the form of tuition fee waivers, to deserving candidates.

At Kautilya, we believe that no deserving student should be left out. We are looking for changemakers who are passionate about shaping India for the better. We see students as partners in our journey and try to help as many students as possible.

Students seeking scholarships are encouraged to choose the scholarship option in the application form.

Please ensure you complete the scholarship form and provide all necessary documents to be eligible. If you indicate a need for financial aid on the application form, you will be required to submit additional documentation for verification in addition to documents validating your educational and professional qualifications.

Your acceptance to the program will not be influenced by your scholarship application.