EVENT 2: Simulation by Syed Akbaruddin

TOPIC: Ecological Degradation: A Threat to International Peace and Security

Dying ecosystems, increasing threats to global biodiversity, pollution-choked cities, the growing discovery of significant microscopic plastic particles in many humans, and exploitation of resources outstripping capacities for regeneration indicate that the earth is an increasingly ailing planet. It is time to collaborate and act collectively.

Since the UN Security Council is the body charged with addressing issues of international peace and security, Switzerland, a first-time non-permanent member, proposes to raise the issue at the informal consultations of the whole of the Security Council in September.

Usually, such consultations lead to the following outcomes:


Output Document Description
Resolution S/RES/(number) Decision- An affirmative vote of nine members including the concurrent votes of the P5 in a publc meeting.
Adoption in a public meeting. (FORMAL)
Statement by the President S/PRST/(year)/(number) Decision- Consensus in informal consultations or by “no objection” procedure. The president of the Security Council reads out the statement in a public meeting(FORMAL)
Public Meeting No document No outcome in public meeting. However, minutes are part of official record and publically available.(FORMAL)
Press Statement SC/(number) Consensus in informal consultations or by “no objection” procedure.
Elements to the Press No document Agreement by Council members obtained ahead of the president speaking to the press.
No Outcome No document No Outcome of any sort

The goal of those supporting the proposal is to seek a Resolution. The objective of those opposed to the move will be to not have any outcome. Mentors will be provided to advise participants about the documentation to read and prepare in advance. On the day of the MUN, the process as pursued by the Security Council will be followed as closely as possible. The discussions will be both procedural and substantive. There will be intervals for small group discussions and for seeking instructions taking into account the evolving situation. The entire exercise is scheduled over a 3-hour time frame.


Amb. Sanjay Bhattacharya

Lt. General Sanjiv Langer(Retd)

Amb. DB Venkatesh Varma

The Countries assigned to the mentors are listed below:

Mentors Countries
Amb. Sanjay Bhattacharya China, France, Japan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates
Lt. Gen. Sanjiv Langer Ecuador, Gabon, Ghana, Mozambique, United Kingdoms
Amb. DB Venkatesh Varma Albania, Brazil, Malta, Russia, United States of America

Prizes and Awards:

Award Name Award Amount
Best Team Award Rs 25,000
First Runner Up Rs 10,000

Important Dates:

Registration Deadline 31st August 2023
Shortlisted Candidates Shall be notified by: 5th September 2023
Online Briefing Session

  • Introduction of the portfolios
  • Introduction to the mentors
  • Introduction of the agenda
  • Q and A
1st week of September (exact date would be conveyed through email)
Allocate Simulation Teams and Share Relevant Documents 2nd week of September

“If you have any questions or require further information about the simulation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at kc@kautilya.org.in