Student Teaching Assistantship

At Kautilya, we firmly believe in allowing each of our students to explore their passion. Teaching Assistantship (TA) is provisioned for the Final Year students of Kautilya School of Public Policy. This is an opportunity for students to subsidize their fees through Teaching Assistantship.


Key Points to remember:

  • TAs must take 1 course per term for all 3 terms.
  • The selection process for TAship will open in the month of May.
  • The quantum of TAship will be informed before the end of June.
  • A list of detailed instructions and SOPs will be shared with the selected TAs.


TAs roles and responsibilities:

  • TA will be provided with an official email ID to handle all communications related to the course.
  • The course instructor has overall responsibility for the structure and delivery of the course, and TAs are essential for ensuring that the course runs smoothly and successfully.
  • TAs should obtain from the instructor clear guidelines for the specific tasks required of the TA and deadlines.
  • TAs are expected to be in contact with the instructor before the first class and be available to meet with the instructor during or before the first week of class. TAs generally meet with the instructor regularly throughout the trimester (at least once a week).
  • TAs have to assist in assessing and reporting student performance to the instructor. This includes identifying top and/or struggling students and identifying problems or concepts causing difficulty for students.
  • TAs should respond to students’ emails, forwarding common questions to the instructor and other TAs. Solutions to commonly asked questions can be posted on Moodle if the instructor permits.
  • Office hours are required as part of TA duties and should be discussed/coordinated with the instructor.
  • Grading – The TA may be asked to draft, proctor, or grade course exams, homework, quizzes, or lab reports. The instructor will specify the grading responsibilities.
  • The work of the TAs will be reviewed by the Dean on a weekly basis.