Revolution starts with recognizing an existing problem and then addressng it through a resolution.

world of business and public policy guest lecture by Mr Ankit Anand.

Understanding the “nuts and bolts” is crucial for #policymakers to measure its #business health.

Exploring the Future of Internet and E-commerce with Anita Bhatia and Carlos

Exploring the Future of Internet and E-commerce with Anita Bhatia and Carlos | Full Length Video.

Explore India’s shift towards #electricvehicles | Guest lecture by Ms. Pranusha Kulkarni.

Guest lecture on the evolving landscape of community care and its promises. By Ms. Mitali Nikore.

The Transformative Power of #PublicPolicy by P.V Ramesh

A Guest lecture on #government procurement, contracts, and dispute resolution.

“𝐘𝐄𝐒, 𝐈 𝐍𝐄𝐄𝐃 𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐕𝐄!” #policymakers from CRISP shared their transformative field experiences.

#earthweek by engaging with experts dedicated to forging a more #sustainable world! | Leela Raina

Guest lecture by Mr. Debadityo at Kautilya & explored the relationship between #humans and #forests

Watch the candid reflections of Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao in his #latest book, ‘Just A Mercenary?’,

Explore the twin pillars of #DigitalTelangana with Mr. Jayesh Ranjan’s guest lecture at Kautilya.

How does a nation with 1.3 billion people engage with over 400 news channels? | Maya Mirchandani.

‘Approaching policy design value first’ | Ms Shaurya Nandlal Tandon.

Unlocking the Potential of #publicpolicy | SUBBA RAO VLVSS

Developing a Conceptual Understanding of #publicpolicy | Dr Usha Ramachandran

Debiasing #AI from its roots. Guest Lecture by Mr. Kazim Rizvi

Incredible India beyond culture and #tourism. Guest Lecture By Dr. Axel Baisch.

India’s economy is experiencing a wave of #transformation | Deepak Mishra and Mansi Kedia.

“Migration driven by climate change, an urgent call for #global cooperation”.

“Be ready to get your hands dirty and your feet muddy” | Interview | Vijay Anand.

Diving Deep with Dr. Subbarao: Exploring the True Essence of Financial Inclusion.

Peeling Back the Layers of #Politics’ | Aditi Phadnis

UN Women’s Susan Ferguson & SEWA’s Mirai Chatterjee, discussing #womenempowerment with Anita Bhatia.

Thinking about how the world could be different can improve our #policies.

Explore #Microeconomics for economic welfare and efficiency with Parikshit Ghosh.

Independent journalist. Ms Smita Sharma delves into the media’s vital role in shaping public policy.

Recently, Kautilya had the privilege of hosting Mr. Dharanidharan for an insightful guest lecture.

In an enlightening conversation with Mr. Shreeram Iyer.

In a world of uncertainty, data-driven policy minimizing unintended consequences” by Dr. Lalita

Understanding The Budget | Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao.

The City’, guides #students on a journey through the streets and spaces we call home | Dr. Mohan

Watch R. Subrahmanyam, the visionary Former #Education Secretary to the #GovernmentofIndia.

Round 2 Mock Negotiations | Shaping Tomorrow’s Security Strategy! #futureleaders

REEL World Scenario For The REAL World #strategies.

Dr. Amir Ulla Khan highlights the critical convergence of industry.

“Let’s Talk Policy” by Ms. Sonia Singh, esteemed editorial director & anchor of NDTV Dialogues.

This video series encapsulates profound discussions from #leaders on the evolving public opinion

Evolving landscape of public policy in India | Dr Commuri at California State University Bakersfield

Dive into the transformative insights of Dr. Gary Dexter’s guest lecture on Interpersonal Dynamics.

Pivotal discussions navigating the intersections of #diplomacy, #genderequality, and Indo-US ties.

Can You Solve it? Role of Philanthropy in Inclusive Development and Fostering Innovation | Mr. Hari Menon.

Can You Solve it? A puzzle is hidden within the video | Mangesh Ghogre.

Navigating the geopolitical triangle: India, the US, and China.| Dr. Tanvi Madan.

REEL World Scenario For The REAL World #strategies. | Syed Akbaruddin

The unravel the intricacies of fiscal policy, comparative analysis, and India’s global collaboration.

Evolving landscape of public policy in India | Dr Commuri at California State University Bakersfield.

Global South: India’s Voice for the Voiceless! | Suhasini Haidar.

Mr.Pranay Kotasthane | High-tech Geopolitics over the Next Decade: Trends and Assessments.

Opportunities in business are about engaging for the public good by valuing a better society | Mr. Kapil Mishra.

Watch excerpts from Mr Alok Verma’s, Mr Bishwadip Dey’s, and Dr Arunabha Ghosh’s insightful lectures.

Watch excerpts from Mr. Alok Verma’s powerful session emphasizing the rising significance of ESG.

Embarking on a transformative #Padyatra spanning 226 days and 3132 km | Shri Nara Lokesh.

Managing A Rising India | Shri Dammu Ravi.

Book Launch | “Warriors, Rebels & Saints: The Art of Leadership from Machiavelli to Malcolm X” | Dr. Moshik Temkin.

Myth v/s Facts about Public Policy.

Alumni Talks | It’s great to hear insights from Kowshik Thota.

Dive into the mind-bending world of AI competition over the next decade | Mr. Pranay Kotasthane.

Can empathy be the secret weapon in India’s battle against climate change? | Dr. Arunabha Ghosh.

Is national security just about fighter jets and secret agents? Think again! | Dr. Arjun Subramaniam.

Discuss the intricacies of the crucial intersection of data privacy and legislation.

Alumni Talks: Juned Shahil (MPPAlumni’23) | Engineering graduate to Impactful Policy Specialist at Inclusive Minds.

Why Study Public Policy at Kautilya?

Dr. Ram Madhav, President of (IF) Delhi | Lecture on ‘Culture and Statecraft in India Today.

The intersection of law & public policy – Dr. Judith Spiegal | Faculty Perspective

Let’s Talk Policy | The Future of Public Policy and AI.

‘The Making of the Great Indian Election’ | Dr. S Y Quraishi

A Cohort of Luminaries Introduced MPP Students to the Nations Policy Framework

Faculty Speak – Dr. Amir Ullah Khan

Let’s Talk Policy | A new chapter in US-India relations

Insights on Leadership – Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao

Students Decoded the Complexities of Global Policymaking with Industry Experts

What sets Kautilya School of Public Policy apart

Policymakers for India’s Growth

Decoding India-US Ties – Ms. Jennifer Larson

Academic Writing & Gender Studies in Policy Making- Dr. Vasudha Katju

Lets discuss Policy: Understanding Russia- Ukraine Crisis

Formulating Public Policy with Shri. Anil Swarup

Why we need youth in public policy

Practicing UN Security Council Model

Masterclass with Former RBI Governor, Dr. D. Subbarao

Bringing Global lessons to Classroom with Mr. Syed Akabaruddin

Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao addressing our MPP students

Diplomacy in classroom with Amb. Navtej Sarna

Switching tracks: Introducing Nikhitha Jagadeesh & Rawson Gonzalves, Kautilya students

Harsha Bhogle, Indian cricket commentator and journalist, in conversation with our students.

Kautilya School of Public Policy | Admissions open: 2022 – 24

The Orientation Journey

Panel discussion – “Getting the economy back on track”

Syed Akbaruddin, Dean, conducts a role play with the students

We are Kautilya

We Are Kautilya (Visiting Faculty)

Panel discussion – “India’s Olympic Challenge”

Panel discussion – “MPP Degree: Building a career in multilateral organizations”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: Future of the Pandemic”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: Shaping education in the post-pandemic world

A nurturing ground for aspiring policymakers

Policy professionals for a changing world

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: Rebooting climate agenda: What should the priorities be?”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: Book Talk with Pradeep Gupta”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: Book Talk with Shivshankar Menon”

The right profile for our MPP program

Panel discussion – “Master’s in Public Policy”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy: RTI – A key tool in democracy”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy – Doctors’ Panel”

Panel discussion – “Let’s Talk Policy, session 1: How to clean up elections?”

How Kautilya plans to empower young students

Panel discussion – “Technology & Policy: What it means for you”

Panel discussion – “Can the Youth Shake Up Policy & Politics in India?”

My journey to a career in public policy

How Kautilya will create transformational impact

Need for policy professionals in administrative services

Panel discussion – “Policy, Politics, and Purpose”

Kautilya’s value proposition

Emerging need for public policy professionals

The vision behind Kautilya School of Public Policy

The forces behind Kautilya

Event Video: Careers in Public Policy

A contemporary curriculum grounded in Indian ethos

Evidence based policy making

Is our Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) right for you?

The role of diverse perspectives in policy making