What is public policy ?

    • Raisa Palatty
    • MPP 2021-23

The woman – public policy expert whose main job is to write the draft policy. She is kind and competent.

The baby wolf – seemingly harmless politician (group of politicians), nudging and influencing the policy writer. This closeness, unfortunately, is temporary.

The baby deer – policy, riding on the back of the policy expert.

Also, the DSLR represents the arduous and skilled method of drafting the document.
The flowers on the ground are people. There are flowers all around, but the woman still chooses to use a high grade DSLR and focus on a distant frame. This is evocative of the bureaucratic procedural rigidity while framing government schemes. What would it be like if the policy makers/writers just spoke to people directly or even just became more approachable?

The big bad wolf was always once a ball of fur. The writer’s good intentions do not count for squat, if the research and methodology is not independent of political pressure.